What different types of wedding reception venues are there?

Wedding reception venues is a standout amongst the most repetitive, distressing and tedious parts of the wedding day. However in spite of this being one of the greatest choices in the wedding arranging process it can be made simple and fun on the off chance that you comprehend what you are searching for. There are a few unique types of wedding reception venues and some of them are listed below:


Hotels in Worcestershire weddings used to be more the standard than they are currently. The considerable thing about hotels in Worcestershire is that they have everything there for you that you could require and there is a lot of space for the guests to stay.


Having a castle as the wedding reception location finishes that princess of the fairy tale. Obviously you wouldn't overlook a wedding in a castle which is somewhere down in history with an extraordinary style that takes you into the past.

Country Houses:

There are numerous large homes that you could lease for the wedding reception which give a more personal feel to the event. Every country house or property offers something unique and different, some can be leased for the whole weekend while while some act as the hotels in Worcestershire.

Some of the other wedding reception venues include marquee, beaches, golf club, backyards and formal gardens.

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